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What would Shaynna do? 10 ways to create mood through Texture!


If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have heard us mention (read: bang on about) the fact that we’ve been a proud supplier to this season of Selling Houses Australia. As a small business, a little arthouse we’ve built from the ground up, having our artworks featured on one of the same Reno shows that we’ve been tuning in to for years has been such a joy. 

Last weeks ep saw the trio head to Bensville on the NSW Central Coast, and as we again settled in for our routine weekly viewing, something Shaynna touched on really resonated with us. So much so, it inspired us to create a long overdue blog post. While this is a far cry from the weekly recaps we’d first envisioned when we embarked on the journey of watching our little artworks that could this season – it’s a big part of our design mantra here at Karibou and something we felt warranted a closer look, the element of texture! 

“The key to creating warmth & relaxation – is texture. Not only in lighting, but soft furnishings, wall hangings and of course rugs.”

— Shaynna Blaze


Texture. It’s an integral component in defining the overall look and feel of a room. It’s arguably as important as colour and light when creating a space, perhaps somewhat more subtly at first glance – but well layered textural elements are what can really make a space shine. And you don’t need to stop at the physical, tactile quality of your surfaces; texture is something that can also be layered and carried through to the visual elements in a room – optically creating the perception of texture as well.

Let’s start with the space that Shaynna designed when creating her house of ‘TLT’ – Timber, Light, and Texture, in the Season 12 Bensville ep. 

Featured artwork: End of Silence V | Selling Houses Australia Season 12

Artwork featured: End of Silence V.

Well, Shaynna was going for warmth and relaxation, and quite frankly, if you ask us – she’s nailed it. As she said – the key here, is texture. You can see this theme has been carried throughout all of the tactile elements in the space – the warmth of the natural timber elements repeated in the floor, bifold door and coffee table, the relaxed linen weave of the sofa and cushions, the plush rug anchoring the space and even the beautiful woven wall hanging really bring home that beach bungalow vibe.

However, that’s not where it ends. You’ll see that Shaynna has also cleverly employed art to continue the theme and create the impression of texture. Whilst the artwork itself might be a flat surface – the subject features elements that your brain associates with touch. Whether through rustic, organic brush strokes or natural, earthy elements like a horse’s coat or a birds plumage – your mind can imagine what these elements might feel like and it all ties back brilliantly to the space! 

Artworks featured, clockwise from top: Miura III, One Story’s Not Enough XXI, Grand Plumage III & Grand Plumage IV.

If this style calls to you as much as it does us – and you’d love to re-create this look at home, we’ve compiled a list of our Top 10 all-time fave collections that conjure up that luxe textural feel below.


Artwork featured: Only the Brave I.

One of our original core collections, and a long standing favourite among the Karibou team and our customers alike. Coincidentally, Shaynna has also used this collection to create that signature textural look earlier in Season 12 for Ep. 9, Mulgrave. View the Only the Brave collection here.



Artwork Featured: Itajime IV.

The ancient Japanese technique of Shibori dyeing is another great way to inject a sense of relaxed luxe texture into a space, thanks to the woven fabric canvas. If Shibori art is your vibe – or simply indigo and denim tones for that matter, be sure to also check out the Itajime sister collections: Arashi and Kumo (and don’t forget Miura from Ep. 12, mentioned above!)



Artwork Featured: East Hill I.

That gorgeous shaggy, golden coat. Need we say more? The cheeky highland cows of our East Hill collection kind of speak for themselves.



Artwork featured: Altiplano II.

If it’s texture you’re after, our entire Altiplano collection is an easy choice. Those gorgeous blush pink hues and the crispy-crunchy look of the stunning crystalline salt formations. It’s a big yes from us.



Artwork featured: Kalahari I.

Our show-stopping Kalahari ladies, they bring the wow factor, but they also bring texture in SPADES. This is one of those collections that’s beautiful on screen, but simply breathtaking in real life (especially as an XL oversized statement piece) – thanks in part to the subtle texture techniques utilised by our artist. And if it already looks familiar to you, this collection was also selected by Shaynna for the Season 12 Inverloch Reno, making it’s cameo in Ep. 4 – are you sensing a theme here?!



Artwork featured: Kasbah II.

The earthy, rustic Moroccan facades and intricate patterns featured in our Kasbah collection – they just sing, don’t they? This space immaculately styled by another one of our favourite champions of texture, Tanika Blair. There’s a reason we keep going back to work with Tanika for our product shoots – her ability to bring our visions to life by playing with light and texture to create a mood are second to none. We love the juxtaposition of the rustic timber textures vs. the fresh modern finishes in this chic study look!



Artwork Featured: Freedom Reigns X.

When texture is the aim, turning to nature for inspiration is always a sure thing. Seriously, it’s almost too easy to go the nature route. After all, nature’s been doing texture for functional reasons for millions of years! For our aesthetic purposes, however – there’s some seriously stunning examples among the Icelandic Horses of our Freedom Reigns cohort.



Artwork featured: Bicheno Bay I.

There’s something almost magical about the rough, indented surface of a fresh sheet of watercolour paper. Add to that the way the ink flows and pools across the dimples, and – you guessed it, instant texture! See the whole Bicheno Bay collection here.



Artwork Featured: In Wait III.

Would a post about texture be complete without a little global-inspired glamour courtesy of some charming African animals? Our In Wait collection has a series of creatures to select from, yet each of their unique appearances manage to really evoke that lust of touch – however forbidden that might be (we’re looking at you – Mr Tiger).



Artwork Featured: Breakwater X.

Our Breakwater corals are super versatile, and this is by design – we deliberately set out to create them in a whole slew of colour options. These days the rules and approach of the conventional ‘Coastal’ look have been redefined and is no longer restricted to formal white & navy palettes. Especially here in Australia, we tend to reinterpret and ‘water down’ the more formal trends to reflect our relaxed spirit and way of living (great article on this by Chris from TLC Interiors, here). That’s where for this collection, the texture makes all the difference – it takes a subject that’s traditionally more ‘Cape Cod’ and makes it a little more ‘Beach Bungalow’ glam, à la Shaynnas ‘Gold Coast Houseboat’ (ep 5) from this season!


And there you have it, our top (current) Top 10 Karibou Art Co. picks for injecting a bit of texture into your space. We say ‘current’, as we know some of our forthcoming collections would fit right at home within this list – we’re thinking the Amira Naturale and Greenwich Village. Oh no, we’ve already said too much! We’ll have to leave it there, for now 😉


S xx

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