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La Gelateria I

Karibou Select


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Karibou’s Select series, a unique selection of imagery and artists meticulously curated from around the globe.

The gelato-style tones of our aptly titled ‘La Gelateria’ collection transport us to the giddy anticipation of a child standing in an ice cream parlour, admiring the tantalising rainbow of flavours on display. This series is the grown-up equivalent, taking an uplifting selection of colours and arranging them in a delightfully care-free display of playfulness.

FRAMED PRINTS: Art print produced onto fine art paper and expertly mounted & finished into your choice of premium timber moulding, with white mat mount and glass (or alternately, acrylic for our Extra Large size to ensure safe shipping).

STRETCHED CANVAS: Art print produced onto polyester/cotton canvas and expertly stretched around a 38mm timber frame, ready to hang!

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