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Press Release | Karibou Art Co. is now offering wholesale


There’s a national push to buy and produce locally, but often, it’s cheaper to go overseas.

Anyone who has ever gone outside the country knows there are a number of issues with importing products. There is no promise of quality; production and shipping takes weeks, if not months; communication is a struggle and any issues take a long time to rectify – if they are rectified at all.

So, when it comes to artwork, framing and design, it’s time to rethink and see what’s available locally – you’d be surprised what your money will get you when you think about wholesale. Karibou Art Co. can cater to anything your company needs within this sphere.

We’re a proudly Australian collaboration, bringing creatives together to offer an eclectic mix of wall art options to suit every style and space and most importantly, we are dedicated to providing fast, cost effective solutions to all our clients.

One Story's Not Enough XXXII | Framed Art Print

One Story’s Not Enough XXXII | Framed Art Print

Here’s how:

  • We offer wholesale discounts.
  • With a whole factory at our disposal, we can cater to large volume orders for hotel refurbishments, retail sale, display homes – everything.
  • We can offer quick turnaround times if needed.
  • We offer flexible options – every artwork is available to order in framed or canvas options with 14 modern frame choices to select from.
  • No hidden costs! Our wholesale rates are inclusive of GST and (in most cases) FREE shipping Australia-wide.
  • We are here to answer your questions. We make quick response to enquiries a priority so send us an email, or give us a call

So if you are an interior stylist or decorator, homewares retail store, online retailer or in any kind of area that requires wholesale artwork, framing, canvases and more, give us a call or shoot us an email, where you can expect top notch service and fast answers.

And best of all, you have peace of mind that your items are high quality and guaranteed.

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One Story's Not Enough V | Framed Art Print

One Story’s Not Enough V | Framed Art Print


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