Press Release | Artist Spotlight: Ash Taber - Karibou Art Co

Interviews |07.11.17

Press Release | Artist Spotlight: Ash Taber

Art has always been a notoriously difficult industry to break into, but for 22-year-old Gold Coast girl Ashley Taber, her paint splattered foot is well and truly in the door.

The talented youngster, whose style is self-described as “organic and tranquil … drawing from nature” has been commissioned by newly established national artwork company Karibou Art Co.

She even has her very own section on the modern, chic website; something Ash says is quite surreal.

“I feel incredibly blessed and thankful to have been given this opportunity with Karibou,” she says.

“For a long time I have wanted to share my art with others and this opportunity has provided me with the perfect platform to do so.

“It has given me the ability to transform my art into more than just a hobby.”

Art was my hobby

Ash’s art had been just that, a hobby, for her whole life and now with the help of the rapidly expanding Karibou, who knows how far she can go.

“Karibou is an amazing company for so many reasons,” she says.

“One thing I particularly appreciate about Karibou is the fact that it is not like an average art stockist.

“Their site is not only a place to find the perfect artwork for your space, but it is also a place to research the most current decor styles to compliment your chosen artwork.

“This unique feature, plus their friendly staff services, makes it a great company to work with.”

Ash’s aforementioned nature derivative pieces are right at home on the Karibou website, which features whimsical prints; from dreamy, pastel watercolours reminiscent of a soft sunset and enchanting though minimalist smoke trails, to eye-catching prints of striking palms or nautical yacht scenes that need no interpretation.

Ash, who prefers ink art, has a couple of favourite pieces but as an artist, knows each piece has its individual beauty.

Bluebird Feathers | Framed Art Print

Bluebird Feathers | Framed Art Print

“One of my favourite artworks featured on the Karibou’s website, is Bluebird Feathers,” she says.

“I thought the nature of the ink complimented the delicateness of the feathers well.

Ash Taber | Delicate Coral Reef II in Indigo

Delicate Coral Reef II in Indigo | Framed Print

Delicate Coral Reef II in Indigo is also an interesting piece, due to the fact that the water-like appearance of the ink was used to represent this marine organism.

“No two ink artworks are the same and that is one of the things I love about using inks!”

Ash’s artworks, as well as the entirety of Karibou’s range, is available in eight different sizes, with 14 frame options, all of which are pictured on the website, making the online ordering process a breeze.

For more information on artist Ashley Taber or enquiries about Karibou Art Co, contact

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