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Meet our stunning new range: AW19


Today we’ll be running you through our latest collection, our Autumn-Winter ’19 Release. If you already follow us, you may have (very subtly) heard us mention our latest offering just once or twice.  The truth is, we’re so proud of this release – we’ve painstakingly curated a collection inspired by fashion & colour trend forecasts, modern themes and expressive abstracts rich with textures that are perfect for layering and creating mood within your space.

AW19 is a three part collection – we’ve broken it down into it down into smaller, more manageable parts, kind of like art tapas! But, unlike that very dismal attempt at a metaphor, our stunning AW19 range actually holds it’s own and delivers, with an abundance of captivating art pieces to suit a vast range of styles and spaces.

“Whether you err on the side of classic, contemporary or your own eclectic mix somewhere in between – you’ll find this collection is packed with gorgeous concepts, leveraging on emerging trends and classic elements to create versatile artworks that will remain statement pieces in your home for years to come.”


Keep your eye out for themes such as beautiful native Australian flora – expanding on the triumph that has been all things greenery over the last few years, we’ve hond in on some of the native species that we’re blessed with here in Australia. If you’re a fan of our super popular ‘Rothbury’ collection, be sure to check out our latest Sage & Fern artworks. It’s Australiana with a modern/minimalist twist.

For further exploration of these minimalist moments of simplicity in AW19, we’re loving the simple line drawings of our Stay or Go series. These understated sketches take all of the elegance of the female form, and strip it right back to basics in a classic monochrome palette. We want to put these prints everywhere, how beautiful are they?! (We also recommend our new Journey Within artworks for a similar vibe, with an abstract twist).

You may also note common colour themes woven throughout this release, with AW19 being abundant in natural earth tones which are tipped to be big this year and beyond. According to Pantone, colour on the catwalk is a key indicator of the colour stories we can expect to see showing up across all areas of design, and for 2019 we’ve been blessed with plenty of rich and earthy natural tones. Find beautiful terracotta tones like ‘Sugar Almond‘ and warm ochres like the deliciously titled ‘Dark Cheddar’ at work in our new Greenwich Village and Mind over Matter collections. For lovers of the softer more subtle nudes and peaches like Crème de PêchePeach Pink, check out the artworks from our Lost Garden Society, Magdalena, Lemoncello & Indiana collections (look, we could go on #blushaddictsunite, but in the interests of keeping things concise – if blush is your thing, do yourself a favour and just check out the whole AW19 release, and thank us later 😉 )

Take a look at our entire AW19 Lookbook below (literal spoiler alert, it contains our yet-to-be-released Part 3 artworks, as a sneaky bonus for those of you stuck with us through questionable analogies and what may be considered borderline gushing!)

S xx


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