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Inspiration |14.08.19

Meet me in Morocco: The House (10) of our dreams!

We – like every creative with an internet connection I’m sure – have been greedily following along with the Three Birds Renovations ‘House 10’ reveals at Karibou HQ, devouring every morsel this dream team has delivered with great anticipation. Instead of tending to my actual to-do list over the weekend, I found myself reading the Peppa Hart ‘day in the life’ entry over on the Three Birds blog (please tell me I’m not the only one that’s a hopeless stickybeak when it comes to a good behind the scenes!). 

I’m always intrigued to learn how others manage the work/life/family hustle, and I must admit Sophie’s musings about FOMO completely resonated with me as someone who is completely blessed to be able to work from home with a small family. I’d love to hear how other small biz families juggle all their loves, but alas our little old blog doesn’t have comment capabilities at the moment (refer to to-do list comment from first paragraph!) – perhaps we could run a Questions session over on Insta Stories and you guys can share all your hustle tips!

But for now, we’re going to roll with all the inspiration ‘House 10’ has us feeling, and share with you guys our fave artwork picks for creating your own ‘Mediterranean Farmhouse’ vibe. 

  1. Cyclades Collection

The undeniable Greek Island vibe of our dreamy Cyclades Collection made it an obvious first stop for us. It checks all the boxes – the minimalist, sun-kissed whites of the rendered facades and relaxed rounded lines of the architectural details that pop against the clear blue skies. These artworks just ooze effortless resort-vibes, don’t you think?

View the entire Cyclades Collection here.


2. Kasbah Collection

Our stately Kasbah Collection is Mediterranean, with a decidedly Moroccan focus. You may already be familiar with these artworks if you followed our cameo on Season 12 of Selling Houses Australia, as Shaynna opted to include some of this range for the beautiful Normanhurst facelift.

We’ve captured all of the magnificence of the bustling Marrakesh Medina – the vibrant and intricately patterned facades set against the dramatic architectural arches, and channelled all of this energy and opulence into a slightly softer, more subdued collection that’s perfectly suited to a more relaxed style setting – a la your very own ‘Mediterranean Farmhouse’.

View the whole Kasbah Collection here.


3. Bella Vista Collection

And last but certainly not least, ladies and gents – we nominate the Bella Vista Collection! Just get a look at them, sitting there all smug with their casual-cool-Euro-beach-basking-getaway-vibes! If the Bella Vista artworks were a person, we’d be following them on Insta to get our daily fix of #wanderlust, wondering to ourselves how can one person reach such obnoxious extraordinary heights of ‘cool’.


And there you have it folks, our top three picks if you – like us, have definitely decided you need a little bit more Mediterranean in your life (and by that, we mean more than just obscene amounts of Feta). Of course we couldn’t sign off this post without saying thanks to the brilliant Three Birds x Peppa Hart minds for dreaming up an entirely new sub-set of style for us to swoon over! We’ll leave you with this ‘Mediterranean Farmhouse’ inspired Mood Board straight from our dreams, starring our sunny Cyclades artworks – see what we mean about effortless resort vibes? Pure perfection!


A xx

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