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Just add water: Our best ocean inspired art picks


Look One – Ocean Pair: CORAL REEF I  |  DEEP ABYSS V  Look Two – Indigo Trio : CUNNINGHAM VII  |  WHITEHAVEN II  |  DEEP ABYSS II  Look Three – Large Square: RUSHING RAPID  Look Four – Nautical Trio:  CUNNINGHAM VI  |  CYCLADES III |  PINEAPPLE CROWN BY ASH TABER

Anyone mind if we just burst on in here like we haven’t just neglected our poor little blog for a whole month (I’m a little scared to fact check that statement, legitimately probably closer to two, but what’s a mere 4 weeks between friends!? Who even knows what month it is anymore? Wasn’t it just February yesterday??)

Today’s round up is somewhat of a departure from our last post where we delved into the trend of exotic Mediterranean inspired interiors, à la the iconic Three Birds House 10 collab we’re still drooling over. Now that the weather is hotting up and Summer is just around the corner, we’ve found our daydreams often drift to spending time lazing by the water. In fact – as our Karibou family is predominantly Gold Coast based, at times it seems like our plans are often centred around our next saltwater fix (check out this artist interview with one of our resident ocean photographers Amy Markham, for example). Which is a theme that seems to carry through and heavily influence our inspirations when creating our art collections as well.

Putting together this blog has proved quite the feat, as we’ve had to somehow narrow down the pages upon pages of water art we’ve amassed to curate our all-time fave H2O inspired picks. There’s something so versatile about working with aquatic themed art in a space – if you’re lucky enough to enjoy water frontage, then it can be a fantastic way to carry the location through in to the interior spaces and tie it all together. And if you’re not working with water views, capturing some of the mesmerising properties and allure that water provides can instil a real sense of calm & timelessness within your space. Water is such an intrinsic part of our lifestyle here in Australia, it only makes sense that it’s equally at home when incorporated into our interior style as well!



Artwork featured: Tranquility I.

The first stop in our round up is our quintessential collection of turquoise-hued underwater shots, our Tranquility series is a no-brainer when it’s ocean vibes you’re seeking. The calming properties these artworks create are almost instantaneous.



Artwork featured: Branching Coral Leaf.

Karibou Art Co. proudly brings together talented Aussie artists to curate a diverse array of local and unique wall art options, and our resident watercolour artist Ash Taber certainly offers up a magnificent selection of ocean inspired art pieces. To all our fellow saltwater enthusiasts, checking out her sublime series of hand-painted coral specimens is an absolute must!



Artwork featured: Tenerife Sea III.

In a similar vein to our first pick, the idyllic turquoise bays of our Tenerife Sea collection are captured from an aerial vantage for a modern feel. This approach seems to have the effect of transporting you straight to a moment of the sand crunching between your toes and the sound of the waves breaking at the shore.

If this vibe speaks to you, you might also like to check out our Beyond the Blue collection for more birds-eye beaches in dazzling azure tones.


Artwork featured: Morning Traffic.

Another of our talented artist collaborators hailing from the picturesque Northern NSW coast, Amy Markham of Amy Pearl Photography has a mesmerisingly minimal style that is so effortless. If your style gravitates toward the understated side, her collection will completely resonate with you. Don’t forget to check out our artist interview to read more about her ocean inspirations too! Shop our Amy Pearl x Karibou Art Co. collection here.



Artwork featured: Cunningham VI.

Would this even be a list of water inspired art without including some staple nautical pieces? If you’re a Hamptons style fan, or even those who prefer a slightly more formal approach in their styling – you’re going to love the classic sailing shots in our Cunningham collection!



Artwork featured: Fancy a Dip VI.

Not all water inspired art needs to be straight-up ocean shots. If you usually lean towards something a little bit more vintage or glam, check out the fashionistas of our Fancy a Dip collection for some timeless retro beach vignettes (Cc: also our equally elegant Diving Belles for a more vibrant palette with just the right amount of pop!).



Artwork featured: Dusty Froth.

If you’re working with a palette of darker, grungier finishes in a room, this need not automatically exclude all water themed art. Our local Karibou artist contributor Gavin Smith has some fantastic pieces for creating (or emphasising!) a little bit of mood within a room. While we do adore a quintessential sunny sky, clear water capture (which Gav also happens to excel at), some spaces are just not suited to an OTT bright and happy vibe. Check out Gav’s portfolio of diverse ocean art pieces for Karibou here.



Artwork featured: Seabreeze I.

The unassuming, understated tones in this series equal instant pared-back, seaside simplicity. Our Seabreeze collection is sleepy, beach-side weekender worthy, but is equally as at home in any relaxed or modern Australian style interior!



And there you have it, some of our best H2O style wall art picks! We could easily continue, but at the risk of leaving everyone a little, uh – waterlogged, we’ve attempted to keep it somewhat concise! If you’re still craving more, head to our shop page and filter by ‘Coastal’ to sea more of what we have on offer!


A xx


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