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Inspiration |15.12.16

Botanical Style: Bringing the Outdoors in

If you, like us, are total addicts when it comes to all things interior, you’d have noticed the recurring Botanical themes that are inspiring decor trends at the moment. If you’ve found yourself admiring this trend from afar, perhaps overwhelmed by all the greenery and the commitment to keeping things alive that comes with it – never fear! Incorporating Botanical inspired style at home is easier than you may think, so check out our points below to get the inspiration flowing (or growing, as the case may be!)


  1. Bring the outside in – literally.

Okay, so we’re starting with the obvious one first, but we are seeing the resurgence of the humble house plant with good reason – they bring instant visual interest and textures to a space – not to mention the fact that these little silent achievers are literally filtering the air while looking uber fabulous (we feel like they just don’t get the credit they’re due on that one). If you’ve been shying away from this trend for fear of sentencing your new leaf-baby unto certain death, fear not, as we have  compiled a handy list of brown-thumb approved plants:

Dwarf Sansevieria

Hardy – Check! Little Watering? Check! Low-light tolerant – Check! Plant-phobes, this little guy will most certainly ease your transition into the world of green.

African Milk Tree

Another low-maintenance pick that will thrive in low-light conditions, sure to project your house-plant ranking from novice to nanna in no time.

Spathiphyllum Sensation – Aka, Peace Lily

Pick a well-lit spot for this little fella, and it will repay you in an abundance of broad-leaved plant-beauty. Seems like a fair deal to us!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Okay, while the gorgeous round-leafed Fiddle isn’t quite as low maintenance as it’s counterparts mentioned above, it’s still pretty easy going as far as keeping things alive goes! Plus, if we here at Karibou art co. have managed to keep one (Frankie!) going strong for over a year now, you totally can too!

The sky  roof is the limit with your styling options here, you can play around with different pots and baskets, experiment with a variety of plant clusters or different room placements to keep it interesting and completely transform the look of a space. We particularly love the plethora of suspended pots available at the moment to draw the eye up and create some visual interest in what might have been a void. Mix up different styles such as cascading plants and taller ferns and hang at staggered heights for maximum impact!


Planters & Pots, clockwise from top: ‘Macrame Thick Plant Hanger’, Mint Interior Design. Seagrass Baskets ‘Natural’, Dos Ombré. ‘Blue Tropics’ Pot, Arc+Family. ‘Plant Hanger – Leather’ ur place design + homewares.


  1. Dip your toe in the garden with floral prints

For the more adventurous interior-files, incorporating bold botanicals through your statement fabric and wallpaper selections is a great place to start. If you aren’t ready to jump in head first, try incorporating a bold pattern on a smaller scale, such as an accent arm chair or throw pillows, paired back with neutral basics to mellow out the look.


Botanical accents, clockwise from top: ‘Allegra’ Cushion, Nathan + Jac. ‘Serengeti Weave’ Wallpaper, Emily Ziz Style Studio. Home Republic ‘Congo’ Quilt, Adairs.


  1. Layer the look with your wall art choices

Don’t forget to tie in the botanical feel with your art pieces. Add an oversized flora or fauna themed artwork to complement your look with a touch of drama, or simply mirror the greens and earthy tones featured in your décor and plant selections.

 Artworks by Ash Taber for Karibou art co. Shop the collection here.
  1. Just add Texture!

This look most definitely lends itself to plenty of texture. Shabby timbers, weathered and raw finishes – all complement the natural botanical feel. Earthy pots, woven seagrass storage baskets, jute rugs and eclectic vessels all help bring this look to life.

Natural textures, clockwise from top: Ivy Muse ‘Nightshade Ceramic Pot’, Hunting for George. ‘Serengeti Weave’ Mat, Armadillo & Co. ‘Renoir’ Swing, Sika Design.

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