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Spotlight on: Equine Art

Equine art can be a striking centrepiece, regardless of whether you have a penchant for horses or not. Horses have been a symbol of strength and beauty in art for thousands of years, dating back to cave paintings and ancient Egyptian art. The reason for this is that horses have always been used in partnership with humans as a supplementary strength. If a warrior had a strong horse when he went into battle, he would have a better chance of being victorious.


Cave Painting of Horses

Horses from the Hillaire Chamber, Chauvet Cave.  Photo courtesy of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Regional Direction for Cultural Affairs, Rhône-Alpes region, Regional Department of Archeology.


Forever and even today, horses and humans work together, developing a bond that transcends simply owning an animal. For this reason people have included horses as the champion of artworks and of late, their souls have been captured in artwork with stunning results.

Artists have focused on the grace and regal nature of horses, from the humble shine of their cropped coat to the depth and wisdom in their eyes. They have captured the effortless ripple of a strong horse’s muscle, whether in motion or still. But the stunning thing about equine art is that despite the strength that shines through, they still have an essence of peace.

Freedom Reigns XI | Karibou Art Co

Freedom Reigns XI | Karibou Art Co

There are many ways you can incorporate equine art into your home, the first and most obvious being through wall art. This form of art varies in terms of techniques and setting, with some Australia artists such as Lyn Beaumont and Kristin Hardiman opting for realist techniques to capture a horse’s spirit while others such as Laura Douglas use whimsical, minimalist water coloured outlines instead.

Some artists capture horses in the wild – wandering around Australian terrain – or at work on the racetrack or simply in motion, allowing them to add drama to the painting with muscles tensed and tail flailing.

If you’re willing to get creative, you can add an equine influence into your home décor with clever bookends or standalone ornaments. You can opt for a simple decal or seek out horse inspired cushions. You can even find horse lamps and tables floating around the wackier side of the web or if you search really hard, farmhouse adornments like horse themed coat racks and wallpaper.


Equestrian Style, clockwise from top left: ‘Vintage Equestrian pillow cover’, ETSY. ‘Wire horse sculpture’, Pottery Barn. Wine bottle stopper ‘Silver Bareback Horse’, ETSY. ‘Hunter’ bookend in white, ETSY. Black & White ‘Horse Print’ wallpaper, Horses & Heels.

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