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Interviews |29.06.17

Artist Spotlight: Amy Markham

We’re beyond excited to introduce our very first guest for our inaugural ‘Artist Spotlight’ interview – a blog segment we’ve been itching to get started for some time! (Hey, we are creatives after all!)

We’ll be honest, we’ve got a teeny tiny soft spot for today’s artist: Amy Markham, the face behind the lens over at Amy Pearl Photography. As an emerging photography talent, not only has she perfected her mesmerisingly beautiful minimal style; but she also happens to be a resident artist collaborator (& customer favourite) here at Karibou Art Co.

Loz II | Karibou Art Co x Amy Pearl

Loz II | Karibou Art Co x Amy Pearl

For Amy, her foray into photography has been a natural progression “I’ve always loved art and being creative so I think that naturally developed into a love of photographs and capturing moments uniquely to the way I saw them.”

“My first memory of shooting was when I was 7 years old and asked for some disposable cameras for my birthday. I remember dressing my dog up and doing a styled photo shoot of him around the house!”

From there, her laid back style has blossomed organically over the years thanks to her sleepy beach-side digs and a love of surfing. “I live in Northern NSW and I love everything about it.”

Jetty | Karibou Art Co x Amy Pearl

Jetty | Karibou Art Co x Amy Pearl

“We have amazing uncrowded waves if you know where to look, beautiful local farms with fresh local produce for sale on the side of the road  — we live in a lovely seaside town that leads to our local creek where everyone practically lives all summer.”

Undoubtedly, it’s these untouched surrounds that have helped influence her relaxed style and created a signature mood throughout her imagery. “I draw creative inspiration from so many areas, but the main area would be the ocean itself.

I love being in nature, looking to capture something beautiful, and having my eyes opened to so many beautiful details that I would normally miss or ignore.”



Synchronised Surfers | Karibou Art Co x Amy Pearl

“Whenever I’m surfing I feel like I get to witness some of the most beautiful and naturally created scenes, that a lot of people will never witness personally in their lifetime. This inspires me to capture moments that re-create that scene and feeling for people that may never experience it.”

In fact, it’s Amy’s drive to share these beautiful moments that excited her most about the opportunity to collaborate with Karibou Art Co., in addition to the recent launch of her own line of framed art prints.  Ultimately, her hope is to “create art pieces that not only bring the beach to your home, but these stories, emotions and moments to your daily life.”

Here at Karibou, it’s the feelings that Amy manages to evoke with her photographs that first drew us in and left us craving more. Her innate talent, coupled with her aspirations for the future definitely make Amy one to watch. “I’d love to travel to some beautiful new places to shoot and be able to share my prints with more people around the world.”


See Amy’s exclusive range for Karibou Art Co. here.


For your daily dose of saltwater therapy, you can also follow Amy’s adventures on Facebook or Instagram.

(Do yourself a favour, her accounts are seriously #mermaidgoals).

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